5 Day Meal Plan



This nutrition package comes complete with breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days. Our Culinary team has your nutrition in mind with lean protein, smart carbohydrates and fresh organic vegetables in every meal. (breakfast may vary) No need to worry about variety as our menu changes weekly and seasonally.

Basic requests and adjustments can be made in the special notes section during check out. Please contact customer support before ordering if you have specific dietary limits. 

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Cherry Cobbler French Toast
Thick sliced French toast with sweet cherry cobbler and dairy free whipped cream
Calories 330 | Protein 28g | Carbs 23g | Fat 14g *contains gluten*

Greek Chicken
Shredded chicken breast with greek dressing, feta cheese, wild tomatoes, couscous and fresh veggies
Calories 432 | Protein 46g | Carbs 26g | Fat 16g *contain dairy*

Stuffed Chicken
Shredded chicken breast with cornbread stuffing, chicken gravy and fresh veggies
Calories 389 | Protein 34g | Carbs 25g | Fat 17g *contains gluten*

S’mores Cheesecake Pancakes
Buttermilk pancakes topped with cheesecake frosting, chocolate drizzle, petite marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs
Calories 330 | Protein 28g | Carbs 23g | Fat 14g *contains gluten and dairy*

Beef Burrito Bowl
Chili seasoned ground beef with Spanish rice, black beans puree, wild tomatoes, mixed cheese and fresh veggies
Calories 472 | Protein 46g | Carbs 27g | Fat 20g *contains dairy*

Southern “Fried” Chicken
Southern style chicken nuggets, with green bean casserole, mashed Yukon gold potatoes and gravy
Calories 475 | Protein 41g | Carbs 26g | Fat 23g *contains gluten and dairy*

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Waffle
Creamy peanut butter and chocolate sauce topped Belgian waffles with turkey sausage patties
Calories 421| Protein 32g | Carbs 26g | Fat 21g *contains gluten*

Hibachi BBQ Chicken
Wok seared Chicken breast with Japanese BBQ sauce, stir fry vegetables and fried rice
Calories 432 | Protein 46g | Carbs 26g | Fat 16g

Lasagna Bolognese
Traditional 5 cheese lasagna topped with bolognese meat sauce and paired with fresh veggies
Calories 511 | Protein 46g | Carbs 30g | Fat 23g *contains gluten & dairy*

Chicken Biscuit Smash
Southern style chicken nuggets, buttermilk biscuit, country gravy and cheddar cheese
Calories 461 | Protein 32g | Carbs 27g | Fat 25g *contains gluten and dairy*

Bacon Cheeseburger Bowl
Lean ground turkey with applewood bacon, mixed cheese, burger dressing, curly fries and fresh veggies
Calories 471 | Protein 44g | Carbs 22g | Fat 23g *contains dairy*

Pesto Chicken & Bacon Wrap
Oven roasted chicken breast, pesto mayo, field greens, smoked bacon and provolone cheese
Calories 432 | Protein 46g | Carbs 26g | Fat 16g *contains gluten and dairy*

Breakfast Pizza
Classic egg mini quiche with pizza sauce, savory pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and breakfast sausage patties
Calories 459 | Protein 42g | Carbs 27g | Fat 14g *contains gluten and dairy*

Thai Peanut Dumplings
Asian style pork & chicken dumplings with Thai peanut sauce and steamed veggies
Calories 366 | Protein 35g | Carbs 25g | Fat 14g *contains gluten*

Chicken Rockefeller
Herb grilled chicken breast with spinach cream sauce, applewood bacon, parmesan cheese and fresh veggies
Calories 472 | Protein 46g | Carbs 27g | Fat 20g *contains dairy